3D printers may seem like a piece of specialty equipment, but they have a lot of practical uses. We use ours all the time and don't know what we'd do without one!

Recently my father was installing sliding doors in a gazebo. The doors hang off of a set of rollers in a track. This means that the top of the door is held in place, but the bottom can swing in and out. This could be a problem in a wind storm, so some kind of guide is needed... Off to the 3D printer!

To accomplish the task, we designed two simple reinforced L brackets: one straight and one with an angled edge.
Brackets The guides are used in pairs, with one on either side of the door. The straight guides go in the middle, and the angled brackets go on the ends. The angle ensures that the door enters the guides without getting stuck.
angled bracket With the guides installed, the door slides freely but can no longer swing out at the bottom.
Success! Another everyday use for 3D printers.